26 Mei 2008

Element Search Box in the blog

Blogger also provides a search box is to make it easy to search visitors. But, sometimes we want to add the search box itself, which of course we can put it anywhere at our hearts.

example of the search box:

The first step is to login to (with the account you would).

On the dashboard menu (the menu is found after login), dibagian the Manage Your Blog select Layout.
Add a page element, the HTML / JavaScript click to add to the blog.
Paste the code below on the content.

<form action="" method="GET">
<input id="b-query" maxlength="300" name="q" size="20" type="text"/>
<input id="b-searchbtn" value="Cari" type="submit"/></form>
Do not forget to change the code red with the name you blog.

Finally, click Save Changes.

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